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From the Desk of Brother Lester
Don't Worry Be Happy
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Don't Worry Be Happy 

We Have Heard People Often Say This Phrase, "For Most Of Us, That's Easier Said Than Done". A Smart Person Once Said, " If You Are Going To Pray, Don't Worry. If You Are Going To Worry, Don't Pray. "  Below You Will Find Some Other Ways To Help Curb Worrying And To Start Finding More Joy In Your Life:

  • Believe In Yourself

  • Trust In Your Own Spiritual Gifts And Instincts That God Gives You.

  • Believe In Others

  • Allow Yourself To Trust Other's, Without Conditions. This Especially Applies To Family Members And Those Closet To Us.

  • Honor The Moment.  Every Moment Contains A Chance To Express our Spiritual Gifts. Be Aware Of The Little Opportunities All Around You.

  • Believe In Prayer

  • Talk To God And Then Listen To The Still Small Voice Within You For Gentle Answers. If You Pray First, You Will Proceed With More Confidence.

  • Control Anger.  Remember Anger Is An Emotion And You Have A Choice, Whether It Is Going To Control You Or You Control It.

  • Practice Forgiveness.  Nothing Will Make You Feel Better Faster. If You Forgive Someone, You Can Release The Hurt And The Worry Along
    With It.




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